KONSTANTINOS ROUSSOS SA was established in 1981 by KONSTANTINOS ROUSSOS and is actively involved in the import and trading of footwear in Greece.

Thanks to its long experience and respect towards the consumer, today the company goes along a developing course and is enlisted among the top companies in the footwear market in Greece.

KONSTANTINOS ROUSSOS SA is built upon one philosophy and that is the absolute satisfaction of the consumer. The company is devoted to the customer, offering fashionable and practical designs, to the most competitive prices of the market.

Today, the company KONSTANTINOS ROUSSOS prevails in the footwear and accessories area offering the following:

- Complete collection of products that fully satisfy the requirements of the consumer (for both quality and prices).
- Integrated systems of a perfect organization.
- Respect and responsibility towards the customers.

The company's headquarters are in Aniksi, Attiki, in privately owned facilities of 15.000 m2.

The dispatch of the orders to the stores in Attiki is made via the privately owned transportation fleet of the company.
The direct distribution of ΜITSUKO products all over Greece is the company's basic characteristic.

Education, courtesy, consistency and long experience are the fundamental qualities of the personnel in MITSUKO company.
The excellent long-term working relationships ensure high performance.

Apart from the Mitsuko collection, you can also find the ''Extreme'' and ''Elenross'' lines:

The athletic and mountain designs keep up with comfort and fashion trends. Extreme line includes athletic shoes for all kinds of sports that concern the contemporary consumer.

The Elenross collection is new and is constantly enriched with modern and classic designs including: sandals, platforms and boots for the contemporary active woman.

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